How the process works

How the process works

Stage 1

PGS would agree with the client a prioritisation of the most important / appropriate bonds to be released to ensure maximum impact.

PGS utilise a network of specialist coordinators, consultants and contractors around the UK who work under the management of a central team based in Berkshire.

Stage 2

  • Establish the current status of the works
  • Contact the relevant authority and people responsible
  • Arrange inspection to agree the extent of remedial works required ensuring reasonableness through experience and best practice guidance
  • Schedule the works and produce a brief for contractors and engineers
  • Obtain quotations from clients nominated subcontractors for carrying out remedial works
  • Analyse quotations negotiate to achieve best deal and recommend appointment of contractors

Stage 3

  • Co-ordinate the remedial works
  • Arrange final inspection with relevant Authority
  • Co-ordinate transfer of the land to the relevant authority (if applicable)
  • Co-ordinate payment of commuted sums if outstanding
  • Procure issue of part 1, 2 or final certificate
  • Organise cancellation or partial release of the bond with the relevant insurer

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